Wills & Estates


A Will is a document in which a person known as a testator regulates the rights over his/her property, known as his/her Estate, following his/her death.


The Estate of a deceased person refers to the totality of the property which the deceased owned or in which the deceased had an interest. Upon death, the Estate is placed in the Trust of a Trustee, and an Executor is responsible for managing the settlement of the Estate.

The office of Joseph M. Pellizzari is proud to offer the following:

Wills for spouses


  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care (Living Well)

    ALL FOR $400.00*

Court application for Certificate of Appointment as Estate Trustee


  • Flat Rate Fee
  • Disbursements + Estate fees are not included

    ALL FOR $2000.00* + HST ($260.00)

*Subject to restrictions. See our office for complete details.